The Heart Of The Matter


We need to start putting pressure on each Provinces Chief Medical Officer and the public Health Units! These are the people Directing the mandate right now. These are the recommendations the idiot politicians and local governments and business owners are following.

The WHO ( as corrupt as they are) have now stated this is no worse than the seasonal flu, SO why are Provincial and LOCAL powers that be enforcing such restrictions? Who are they taking their "direction from to silence all of us"? No Thanksgiving, No Halloween, No Christmas? The eradication of Western Holidays, most based on Christian values are being erased.

Who serves to benefit? Who have we not been allowed to question or criticize without being called names or threatened with"hate crimes"? Start asking questions because clearly, protesting the "government" doesn't seem to be working. The restrictions continue to move forward.

Letters, phone calls?! Organized protests outside their offices because they are LYING and pushing this agenda.

One Alberta group is sending out notices of liability to the relevant parties, based on Common Law. An intro is coming up on the 29th in Calgary, and there is usually a Friday meeting in Edmonton - in person or zoom. The group doing this is Unmask the Truth and take Action Alberta.

-- quotes from a MeWe group.