The Green 'New' Deal is the Old Agenda 21


Like the current clown-car group of Democrat presidential candidates and Hollywood liberals who fly private jets to climate conferences, Thunberg's fossil-fuel supported stunt was not about climate and not about real sacrifice. It was about shaming the Industrial Revolution and capitalism, things which have reduced planetary poverty to historic lows and fueled technologies that have raised the global standard of living to historic highs that more people than ever before share in.

It is not about climate. It is about creating a climate of fear, a picture of imminent planetary doom that can only be forestalled by government's control of every aspect of our lives from the energy we use, to the food we eat, to the land we use, to our modes of transportation. That is the mantra behind both the Green New Deal and Thunberg's trip. And if it sounds familiar, it should, for it is the direct descendant of the mother of all sustainable development plans known as Agenda 21.