The Global Predators want us to BEG for the Global Reset


The COVID blame game increases fear, pits us against each other, forces vaccines, increases isolation, demolishes empathy, and kills the spirit. It's a win-win all around for global predators. Their goal is to make life so completely untenable that we all BEG to be rescued by the Globalists.

The disruption of society we see all around us is driven by the global predators and their plans to humiliate, subjugate and enslave citizens everywhere and take over all nations in the name of globalism and the Great Reset. They want us confused, muzzled, disheartened, distressed, and apathetic. To take over free men and women everywhere, these Global Predators must tear apart our social fabric ⏤ the very families we have created for millennia, and all the social mores and other threads that are woven together that make a strong civilization and citizenry.

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