The Federal Government Said They Had No Power. Now, They Demand The Power To Track You Everywhere You Go


As you read this, take a moment to think back to life before the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.  Remember what the government was saying?  Remember the power they claimed not to have?

They said they couldn't direct the police.

They said they couldn't shut down illegal blockades.

And when Coronavirus fears were rising and the virus was allowed into our airports and thus into our nation, they said they couldn't force foreign travellers to quarantine.

As a result, the virus was allowed to spread in Canada, with the devastating health impacts and financial impacts we see today.

Yet, as more and more reports are indicating, it seems the government will soon be demanding that we all use an app to track our location at all times.

Are you beginning to see the problem here?

The amount of 'power' the government has seems to be dependent on their ideological goals, rather than the law.

When they didn't want to remove illegal blockades, they cried that they were 'powerless.' When they want to arrest people for walking outside or make us forced to be tracked at all times, then all of a sudden they have that immense power.

This is why likely you, and many more Canadians are losing trust in the government, and wondering how - after all the lies they already told us as they downplayed the virus - we can possibly trust them now.

Trust is earned, and this government hasn't even come close to earning it.

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