The Experts, Science, Medicine––All Amazing, All Fallible


It turned out that the Mt. Everest of information the "experts" withheld from the public, aided and abetted by their lapdogs in the media, were startling facts about the vaccines themselves--all scrupulously documented by writer Kelleigh Nelson--including the prediction that "because of the jabs, the immune system is dying. The result will be high incidences in various countries of tuberculosis where it is now dormant. Tumor cells are no longer under control causing increased numbers of cancers--as evidenced by pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho--as well as viruses, herpes, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus (CMV) which kills babies in the womb, toxoplasmosis, and a horrifying number of other illnesses."

God help us all.

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