The Destruction of Alberta’s Economy!


The continuing destruction of Alberta's economy is a central theme of this federal election campaign. Three federal political parties (Liberals, Greens and NDP) are planning a major economic upheaval for Alberta over the coming years and decades. Their No.1 Target is the Alberta oilsands, a world-scale resource that any other country would die for. They want it shut down by 2050 at the very latest.

This is acknowledged with varying degrees of honesty. The Greens are direct about it. The NDP are direct but muddled.

The Liberals are sly and opaque, although Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spoke the truth in Ontario two years ago when he told an audience: "You can't make a choice between what's good for the environment and what's good for the economy. We can't shut down the oilsands tomorrow. We need to phase them out. We need to manage the transition off of our dependence on fossil fuels. That is going to take time. And in the meantime, we have to manage that transition."

A few days later in Calgary, Trudeau said: "I misspoke - I said something the way I shouldn't have said it." But he did not say that he should not have said it in the first place.

Recently, a Globe and Mail columnist said Albertans "lost their minds" over Trudeau's comments. We shouldn't have been upset "because it's true" - the oilsands must be shut down.

That the oilsands are bad has now become standard thinking on the left. Therefore, we should willingly sacrifice this major industry, one which has contributed so much to Alberta's and Canada's GDP. What was good is now bad and must be eradicated! We should be grateful, in fact, that our superiors are ready to do this for us!

But no functioning country can expect one province to accept the heaviest burden of change without clearly stating, in detail, without having a full national debate on it and compensating the provinces that will suffer the most. Such debate has never happened! And there is no sign that it will happen.

Neither is there any recognition of the fact that oilsands emissions per barrel have been cut 28 per cent since 2000 or that Suncor is currently spending $1.4 billion on a project to replace coal-fired facilities with natural gas. The company says the emissions effect will be equivalent to displacing 550,000 cars from the road. And MEG Energy is planning a pilot project for oilsands extraction with zero emissions.

Has any automaker in Ontario ever done anything similar? Has any Quebec aerospace company? And they make things that produce a lot of emissions? Of course not. This isn't about incrementalism; it's about absolutism!

The Liberals actually admit they haven't given it a minute's thought to the devastating consequences to both Alberta and Canada. Liberal candidate Catherine McKenna, rolling out the promise to make Canada net-zero emissions by 2050, actually said: "Do we have all the details? No. We're going to figure this out, but the first thing we need to do is we need to get through this election."

Similarly, the Greens have nothing detailed for the provinces that will be the hardest hit, including Saskatchewan. They promise a "just transition" to be funded with $400 million a year for the entire country. This would come with an end to all support for oil and gas, a ban on new wells and cancellation of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

And they wonder why we lose our minds!

If this is to be the national agenda for the next 30 years, here is one thing that needs to happen. The fiscal stabilization program (not equalization), which currently allows provinces compensation for a small portion of lost resource revenue must be altered so that Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C. and Newfoundland are properly compensated for the transition costs to their entire economies.

For Alberta, a contribution of $10 billion a year for the next 30 years would be a good opening offer.

If the notion sounds absurd, just imagine what would happen if the oilsands were located in Quebec - there would be pipelines running everywhere AND Quebec would be an independent country. Quebec would NEVER share the benefits of such a resource with the other provinces - NEVER!

In the alternative, Alberta might as well say GOODBYE TO CANADA!!!

(With input from an article by Don Braid Click here)


Every day we read in the news that catastrophic global warming will be prevented if we cut carbon dioxide emissions. The supporting science is presumed to be settled with only a few "deniers" arguing differently. The resulting energy policies are going to cost Canadians billions of dollars and challenge the unity of our country.

However, you are not hearing from the many scientists whose research shows that carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming, nor extreme weather. Climate change has been happening since the dawn of time and it is an illusion to imagine that humans can change that.

North Americans experienced recently the huge media onslaught from the United Nations on the urgency of a climate crisis. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has not paid attention to the European Climate Declaration in which 500 climate scientists and professionals issued a registered letter to the UN Secretariat in which they declared: "There is no climate emergency." The message is succinct in two pages, with the remaining pages listing the names of the signatories. [Click here]

Policy discussions should be based on climate science rather than alarmism. The CCRIG Click here is a group of concerned Canadians inviting you to a LUNCH TIME SEMINAR in TORONTO to hear "The Case for Climate Realism".

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1. From a Reader: Regardless of the outcome of this election, whether the Conservatives win or not, this process of separation has to begin. Alberta can't afford to ever have it's economic interests highjacked again. Work will be needed to convince the doubting Thomas's within Alberta that we can live very comfortably without Quebec and Ontario dictating to us. Rather than constantly trying to convince Canada that a strong energy industry is good for all Canadians, let's focus on Albertans and telling them the advantages of being in charge of our own destiny. When we lock our borders to goods coming from and going to BC, I wonder how the rest of Canada and BC will accept that fact? Only when we have a commitment to build a pipeline to tidewater will we come to the negotiating table. This process is way overdue. Let's get to work!

2. From a Reader: When one researches and looks back over Canadian history, it becomes VERY clear that Confederation never did include or represent the West. It NEVER can or will! As it is documented -- the original structure was 100 seats -- 40 for lower Canada [Quebec] - 40 for upper Canada [Ontario] - and 20 for the "hinterland". Colonialism or what?? A similar representation remains today. There is no hope until Western Canada is given representation to balance with center and east. If they will not let us in and be equal, then we must "take our marbles and go home". The sixth generation of my family in Alberta is beginning. I wonder about their future. In any case there is some very rough water ahead soon -- get prepared!

3. From a Reader: The English leaders' debate certainly makes it clear there is no place in Canada for Alberta and Saskatchewan. To achieve political promises on climate and economy, the energy sector will be shut down. There is no time to delay with renegotiations on equalization. The sooner Alberta becomes independent, the sooner, Albertans can get on with building a bright and prosperous future.

4. From a Reader: Fantastic information formatted to induce action. The single best email/article I have read likely in my lifetime. Thank you for this most critical work you produce. I am curious about how Climate Change hysteria has replaced an actually useful and evermore required notion that is necessary to keep our world in check - POLLUTION! I rarely even hear the word anymore, yet to me it is a primary component of the CC thesis. If the world could return to minimizing global pollution through education, responsible industry, ever increasing (shared) technology to produce electricity environmentally, we might be able to 'weather' the impending economic crisis exacerbated by the CC hypocrites in our governments working to do the opposite. Their carbon tax serves them and nothing else. It was crafted brilliantly by paying out to many of those they need to keep it in place. But it only serves as another 'hidden' mechanism to tax the populace and address pollution backhandedly. There may be a time in the future for a carbon tax, but the laws surrounding it need to be well mapped out. It needs to be about curbing pollution and not buying votes. We already tax fuel and polluting industry specifically, how is it better or even advisable to blanket tax something we all use daily and redistribute the lion's share back based on something that only serves a political agenda? I am very afraid for this country's future, and am glad someone is doing something about it. THANK YOU!

5. From a Reader (in Victoria) I'm retired and living in Victoria, but lived and worked in Alberta for 30 years. I grew up on the Prairies and I remember the days of the first Trudeau very well ! Can it possibly be worse now? Absolutely!! A Liberal/Green government spells the end for the Prairies. The future is bleak for the West under Confederation. The people of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are tough, hardworking, steadfast and intelligent. They have been pushed to the limit and I believe the breaking point will come. They deserve better. We live in the epicenter of the climate hysteria and every day we ask ourselves ... "where can we go in the world to escape"? Why would we stay in Canada and bear increasing taxation to support this leftwing attack, disguised as the environmental movement? It is simply a transfer of wealth plain and simple. Unfortunately it's gaining global traction. Our retirement years should be happy, fun and free from angst. They are stealing our 'golden years' ... and we're 'mad as hell'!!

6. From a Reader: There have been a lot of climate protestors marching recently, blockading bridges and traffic. This has been happening around the world and especially in Canada - because we have a lot of people who care about our environment. When interviewed on TV, many protestors say we need to follow the science, and that science tells us there's a climate crisis. However, on September 23, 2019, 500 climate experts sent a letter to the UN saying 'THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY". Oddly, there's been no mention of it in the media. You'd think this was relevant to a few people!!! (see - Click here and Click here) In fact, the best climate models now show that CO2 is NOT the cause of climate change. The best current models matching global temperatures are the Russian INM-CM4 and its predecessor INM -CM4; both of these pretty much ignore CO2, whether manmade or natural. You may also be interested to know the Earth is NOT dying, au contraire, it is greening! See Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds, NASA Apr 2016 (from Click here). It is well-accepted that the Earth is now "greener"; there is more vegetation because it likes the increased CO2 in the atmosphere, as demonstrated in a study by 32 international scientists from 8 countries. Scientists that continue to ignore these facts are actually anti-environmentalists because they misdirect our efforts and resources away from true environmental issues. We are being manipulated for political purposes, and our teachers and schoolchildren are being misled. Imagine the negative fallout when the whole scam is exposed and their passion for "saving the planet" is proven to be based on misinformation and active fraud from a bunch of corrupt and lying profiteers.


In closing, here is additional information on the problems we are facing and the need for us to take remedial action immediately to right our sinking ship.







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