The defining characteristic of the left? Cruel intolerance


The left does not tolerate straying from the prescribed ideological position of the party; they are Maoist, Stalinist in every way. Intolerance is their decree. Deviate from the party line? Expect personal destruction. That is how the left rolls. It is their way or no way. How else can we explain Pelosi's dragging out impeachment as she did, and dragging out the relief bill for small businesses in the wake of the economic lockdown? Pelosi wants what she wants when she wants it and couldn't care less for the millions of Americans devastated by her intransigence. Her fellow authoritarians like AOC are ecstatic at the current state of affairs. They are celebrating the loss of 22 million jobs.

This president, recognized as the best in many of our lifetimes, cannot be tolerated by the left because he is willing to stand up to the corruption that characterizes the D.C. establishment, to China, to our bloated bureaucracy and the criminality that was shot through all of our law enforcement institutions. They have and will continue to go to any lengths to see him defeated. It is this corrupt, amoral left that must be defeated.

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