The Declaration of Arbroath 2020


There is a separation, Not by faith or nation, Nor by race or learning, But from an inner yearning We are divided, once more, By darkest power, by inhuman law, Come between us all, this incessant lie, That tells us all that we might die

Under the darkness of this hellish cover The lie-worm eats into every brother Every sister, every mother Turning one against the other

Billions believe, and in believing follow Billions don't, and will never swallow This evil fabrication, told in every nation This crass mantra of orchestrated domination

They march in Lockstep, Satanic repeaters To a hellish future, owned by death-eaters Riding the wave of created belief The propagandised billions, yearning relief

Our masters know their human race Through data mining, set their pace And people will wait, boiling frustration Then form queues for their vaccination

And by so doing take their mark, let their poison flood Through human veins, through human blood Just so that We might "buy", or "sell" In their new, technologic Hell

But wait, but wait, this is NOT our fate Never cry "Too late, too late" Our enemy's mistake was to underestimate Our ability to set a date That simple thing, done

between us all We free humans, we not in their thrall In our billions we will choose our Moment A united humanity, no longer silent

11:11, strange numbers that we've seen Now we'll discover what they mean And from that source will come an epiphany The realisation of our human destiny

Not this world of fear and misery That has been our inhuman history But, unfolding in our collective mind The knowledge that we have been kept blind

That however much we are apart There is just one thing in each human heart The shared desire for a world of love Come from within, not from above

There is work to do, an enemy to face That age-old enemy of our human race But remember, We Are billions strong Standing together, we'll not take long

To shatter the mind-chains that steal our might And step into a new human light The past, and all its terrible cruelty Will fade to nothing in our new reality

Eleven, Eleven When we show our worth We will make our heaven On this, OUR earth

Those now asleep, those under the spell Will awaken from this global Hell And in our billions, as a single entity Humanity will find, at last, its destiny

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