The culture war against Kyle Rittenhouse


The depiction of the gatherings in Kenosha as mere assemblies designed to express sympathy and concern for 'black lives' is a grotesque fantasy. These were riotous, looting mobs, whose baseball bats, petrol cans and guns caused as much harm to black businesses and black lives as they did to other folk in Kenosha. The idea that white boy Rittenhouse violently invaded a modern version of the 1963 march for jobs and freedom was always a delusion of the most wretched kind.

Why was there so little curiosity about the reality of Rittenhouse's life, and such a rush to hold him up as symbolic of white rot, of the general horribleness of 'whiteness'? It's because identitarianism has warped contemporary journalism. Too many journalists these days see themselves as crusaders for wokeness, as enforcers of correct thought, rather than as pursuers of the truth, wherever it might lead them.

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