Andrew Scheer's Departure from Social Conservatism


Since the spring, Action4Canada has committed to providing you with information on parties leading into the election. The Liberals, NDP and Greens have pretty much voted the party line of the Liberals on most critical issues in the past four years. Almost without exception.

  • Bill C-16 (allowing men into women's private spaces),
  • Motion M-103 (Islamophobia motion eliminating criticism of Islam),
  • Bill C-75 (weakening our laws),
  • Bill C-71 (gun control),
  • Bill C-45 (cannabis legalization),
  • Open borders, climate change hysteria, carbon tax, Paris accord and UN/Globalism and socialism.

You call it and their names are all over it. Unfortunately, the leader of the conservative party, Andrew Scheer, has decidedly taken the party left on a number of critical issues as well.

The election is less than a week away and Canadians have a very important decision to make. And it is critical that it be an informed decision. There are two parties who have maintained a level of leadership unlike any of the others. The People's Party of Canada and the Christian Heritage Party.

The following message outlines the concerns over the Conservative Party's fall from grace. We have all been feeling it and long-standing conservative members have either taken the leap of faith and voted for one of the two parties listed above or are still sitting on the fence. Well, for those of you sitting on the fence, let's see if the facts will help remedy your conundrum.

To start...the following video is excellent for those who are concerned about "splitting the vote". 11 minute video to address your concerns.

In August we launched an awareness campaign exposing Andrew Scheer's meeting with Islamists. Many conservatives considered it the last straw in their support for the party but there were those who decided to ignore it and brush it off as some sort of political stunt. The video. however, is legitimate and Mr. Scheer was advised repeatedly who these players were.

A further report was provided listing individuals within the Conservative party with ties to extremism. Read Here

August 2, 2019 a report reveals the Conservatives, if elected, would work to restore ties with Saudi Arabia.

"Conservatives commit to work to win some trust with with Saudi Arabia by focusing on improving commercial ties and by offering more aid, development and refugee support in the Gulf region."

Mr. Scheer does not miss an opportunity to pander to Islamists even though the cost to Canadians is high. Ramadan is an important part of Islamic Sharia law, a holy ('month' long) celebration which is infiltrating our schools, law enforcement, and government facilities. Mr. Scheer doesn't stop at good wishes but takes it a step further to say, "it is an opportunity for "us" to reflect on the important contributions that Canadians of the Muslim faith have made to Canada". I'm sorry but the only ones who are deserving of a shout out for their contributions to Canada are the European settlers who risked everything to come here and were the ones who formed this great nation, its laws, its values and its democracy based on Judeo-Christian values, not a totalitarian and oppressive culture determined to change us from within.

June 3, 2019 Conservative leader Andrew Scheer threw MP Michael Cooper out of the Commons Justice Committee after a confrontation with a Muslim witness. Michael Cooper had every reason to call out an Islamist witness, Faisal Khan Suri, who made defamatory comments to try to link conservatism with violent extremist attacks. The committee was meeting to discuss reviving Section 13, the controversial hate speech law. Partnered with Motion M-103, this is a perfect duo in furthering the Muslim Brotherhood's plans to silence opposition to Islam, which is exactly what the Islamist witness' objectives were in attending this meeting. In removing Mr. Cooper from the committee, Mr. Scheer empowered the Islamists. The committee took further steps and struck Mr. Cooper's statements from the record, forever changing our history.

September 7, 2019 Lisa Raitt agreed to meet with the NCCM....again. Ms. Raitt met with the NCCM a year ago and when the Conservative party was contacted due to concerns the CPC claimed she didn't know....yet here she is again a year later. Take a moment to review the comments made by Muslims on the FB page (below). Ghada Melek is a coptic Christian whom the NCCM called to have removed from the CPC. Israel is Canada's ally and moving the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem is the right thing to do but a view which is not shared by those who pose a threat to this nation.

- Mohamed Sedki - "ask her why they keep candidates that are known for hate speech as Ghada Melek"

- Afia Bandali - "I hope someone will also bring up the fact that the conservatives have already pledged that if elected they will move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem"

Andrew Scheer also:

  • approved continued immigration at 350,000/year.
  • Is committed to meeting the Paris Accord targets which includes phasing out the oil industry by Year 2050.
  • Is pursuing a seat on the UN Security Council


Scheer has turned his back on social conservatives.

"I find the notion that one's race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation would make anyone in any way superior or inferior to anyone else absolutely repugnant. And if there's anyone who disagrees with that, there's the door. You are not welcome here."

Multiple Pro-life/Pro-family candidates have been banned and rejected by the conservative party. Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, Anne Gillies, Angelina Ireland, Heather Leung...just to name a few.

These are women who have been standing on guard for our children against the radical LGBTQ militant activists who have a very aggressive agenda to indoctrinate our kids into believing there are more than two genders, supporting drag Queen story hours at public libraries and trans men entering women's and children's private spaces (women's washrooms, shelters, sports and prisons). These courageous women have been putting themselves out there, taking the arrows, to protect our kids and Andrew Scheer rejected all of them.

MP Brad Trost, well respected by his constituents, was replaced with a liberal minded candidate. Shinder Purewal ran twice for the Liberal party and yet was approved by the CPC in Surrey, BC. and rejected an 'excellent' nominee due to strong conservative values. The list goes on and on. Andrew Scheer has proudly created a centrist party...with no core identity.

June 26, 2019 This is the new face of women whom Mr. Scheer has chosen to represent the Conservative Party. "A younger, more female face".

"Obviously," she says, "there is a fair bit of stereotype out there that a conservative is only one type of person. It's a middle-aged white man in a suit. And I would like to prove to people that that's simply not true."


September 30, 2019 Scheer says Conservatives would support legislation to protect LGBTQ Canadians.

Question...what is he talking much more protection can they get? The LGBTQ activists are succeeding in destroying social norms, indoctrinating our children into unscientific theories, and attacking parental rights. Just how much more power would Mr. Scheer like to give them?

June 15, 2018 Andrew Scheer To Increase number of LGBT Refugees Into Canada. Once again Michelle Rempel is leading the charge.

March 28, 2018 Michelle Rempel in the House of Commons with a very emotional appeal to accept Bill C-16...the Bill responsible for allowing biological men to enter women's spaces and LGBTQ activists to push their agenda into our schools and society at large.

May 18, 2019 Michelle Rempel's alliance with Morgane Oger is very concerning yet Andrew Scheer has said nothing to oppose it. Conservative members wrote to Ms. Rempel en masse over their concerns of her alignment with Oger but to absolutely no avail. Oger is a trans person who has a history of attacking everyone who does not agree with his trans/lgbtq ideology and teaching kids their gender is fluid. Oger is forming a "hate watch" group in a further attempt to shut down opposition to his radical campaign against parents and children. The video is 18 mins but a good report on why Ms. Rempel's ties to the Morgane foundation are extremely troubling.

March 24, 2019 "Michelle Rempel stands with her best friend, Dustin Franks, in support of banning Conversion Therapy". **conversion therapy is being demonized by the left to eliminate the opportunity for parents to bring their children, who are questioning their gender, for therapy. The majority of children questioning their gender have experienced childhood trauma or abuse of some kind...therapy/counselling is crucial for them to heal and find wholeness. The Liberals, NDP and Greens are actively pushing for the ban and now the Conservatives have joined forces. An e-petition was created in the spring to oppose this ban. It had been approved by the House of Commons and a Conservative MP had agreed to sponsor it. At the last minute the MP backed down saying that he was afraid of party backlash and that he, and his staff, would not find a job on Parliament Hill if they supported the petition. This is a serious state of affairs.


May 28, 2016 Michelle Rempel helped spearhead a motion striking down the party's definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. The Conservative Party's National convention was sabotaged in advance to load the room with individuals who would vote in favour of same sex marriage. This matter should never been been up for a vote as it is not a conservative value. Many conservative members cut up their membership the day this happened and left the conservative party.

May 27, 2016 Michelle Rempel brags, "all of our major political parties,including our right wing political party supports marriage for all Canadians"

April 27, 2017 Andrew Scheer when asked if he would revisit the issue, "It's not something I'm looking to revisit or reopen, the party has other things it wants to talk about and connect with Canadians and deliver for the future".


October 3, 2019 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has affirmed he remains personally opposed to abortion.

"But he insists he would still vote against attempts to restrict reproductive rights in Parliament if his party is elected to govern on Oct. 21".

October 2, 2019 Political pro-life organization RightNow calls on Andrew Scheer to stop violating his own party policies and stop using tax-payer dollars to fund abortions 

October 1, 2019 Canada's conservative leader doubles down on continuing to fund abortion abroad if elected.

August 13, 2019 Lisa Raitt said Scheer's position has been clear: a Conservative government would not muzzle any of its MPs but would also work to defeat any moves to restrict abortion.

She pointed out that Scheer supported removing the traditional definition of marriage from the party's official policy book in 2016. "More importantly, we will oppose it and we'll make sure that it doesn't come into law."

May 17, 2019 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he won't reopen the debate on abortion in Canada.

"I've made it very, very clear. Canadians can have absolute confidence that a Conservative government after the election in October will not reopen this issue".

May 17, 2019 Liberal Maryam Monsef attacked conservative leaders for attending the Pro-life march in Ottawa. Andrew Scheer threw 12 conservative MPs under the bus for attending by caving in to the pressure of the left...even though the march is the 2nd largest event next to Canada day and reportedly has a record number of youth attending. In the U.S. States are increasingly passing bills with overwhelming support to ban abortion and yet Mr. Scheer digs his heels in and insists the party will not reopen this for debate.

April 27, 2017 Andrew Scheer clearly, when he assumed the roll of leader of the CPC in 2017, declared that he would not open the debate on abortion or same sex marriage (ssm).

"Some of these issues you're talking about (abortion) very likely wouldn't survive a constitutional challenge so what's the value in talking about them now?"


October 9, 2019 To manage the Canadian open border crisis Mr. Scheer wants to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement but if the US President refuses to make a deal Scheer has committed to declaring the entire Canada-U.S. border an official port of entry.


September 30, 201 9    Andrew Scheer sent police to arrest David Menzie and remove him from a campaign event claiming he wasn't an accredited reporter.

Two Federal parties remain unwilling to bend or pander to political correctness;

Maxime Bernier with the PPC 

List of PPC Candidates 

PPC Party Platform


Rod Taylor with the CHP

List of CHP Candidates 

Party Platform