Tamara Lich, Canada's political prisoner, regains her freedom in part


After spending five nights in jail, Ms. Lich was denied bail on February 22 by Justice Julie Bourgeois, a Liberal candidate in the 2011 federal election. Justice Bourgeois' decision to keep Tamara Lich in prison was highly unusual, considering that Ms. Lich has no criminal record and was not charged with a violent offence. People accused of drug trafficking, possessing illegal firearms and violent offences are routinely granted freedom prior to trial.

The Emergencies Act was not even considered, let alone used, when protesters shut down railway lines in BC, Ontario and Quebec in February and March of 2020. A Globe and Mail article titled "Trudeau will not direct police to break up pipeline protests, sticks to negotiated strategy" noted that the Canadian government does not tell the police what to do operationally, and that police services are under provincial or municipal control. Except when the protesters are in Ottawa, and their cause is the restoration of Charter rights and freedoms that were taken away from us in March of 2020: then we have a national emergency.

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