Taking back our country!


Fellow Canadians,

Rallies will be held across the Nation against the Global Compact on Migration.

Please take Action! Show up! Get involved! The future of this Country relies on it.


Please share with all of your contacts....E-mail, Facebook, Social Media, Word of Mouth ....



National RallyAgainst

UN Global Compact on Migration and

Sustainable Development Goals

Saturday, Dec. 8th from 11am - 12:30 pm

The main event will be on Parliament Hill with guest speakers

Maxime Bernier, Leader, PPC and

Tom Quiggin, Terrorism Expert

Rallies are planned using Trans Canada Hwy overpasses

- Uniting Canadians Coast To Coast -

Gather on overpasses, a farmer's field or location visible from the Hwy.

Be Safe and Be Respectful

Rallies will also be located in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Langley

See attached for locations...and also, organize your own!

We must inform our Fellow Canadians of the threat to this Nation

Justin Trudeau is intending to sign the UN Global Compact on Migration and SDGs Dec. 10th

Despite backlash and many countries pulling out,the Prime Minister is going ahead with it.

And he does not want YOU to know the facts

Eliminating Borders and inviting unvetted Mass Migration.

Signing this pact will make migration a human right.

Providing instant funding, medical, dental, schooling and more.

Giving Greater Rights to Migrants over Canadian's Citizens, as well as silencing the media.

Destroying Our Core Identity, Sovereignty, Security, Freedoms and Democracy

Yet funded by you... the Canadian Taxpayer

Controlled Immigration "Yes".... Uncontrolled Mass Migration "NO"

Many Compact Agreements, related to other critical issues, have been signed over the years,

and Canadians were unaware... End the UN overreach!

They are going after our Energy Sector, Agriculture, Resource Industries, our Education System (targeting our children as agents of change) as well as diminishing our rule of law.

`Enough is enough!

We Must Stop the UN and put an end to

Trudeau and his Reign of Terror

The purpose of this Global agenda is to equip Elites with...

Global Power, Global Control and Global Wealth.

Please...Create your own sign!

'NO, To the Global Compact Agreement','NO to the UN',

'Pull out of the UN', 'Protect our Borders'

(Go to the Dollar store...buy a white poster board, black marker, make a sign, and invite a dozen friends and family!)

Bring a Canadian Flag if you have one!

Rally!...show up...and be part of the movement to bring awareness...

and let's put a STOP to this!

Post your event!




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