Still the Smartest Guy in the Room


There is no doubt that the immense number of people who attempted to impeach, indict, or generally bring down the Trump presidency were of the upper-crust of America's intelligentsia-educated, sophisticated, seasoned in the nefarious ways of Washington D.C., and ferocious in their mission to cover their own crimes by eliminating the one person-President Trump-who could and would expose them and call for his Attorney General to indict them, prosecute them, find them guilty, and imprison them. No problem, they all thought. We are smart and he is, well, not so smart.

But ha ha ha on all of these misguided egomaniacs. In spite of the massive, collective effort all of them made over the past three years to bring down our chief executive and Commander-in-Chief, they now have to deal with the cold hard fact that President Donald J. Trump-who has formidable education credentials himself-is indeed the smartest guy in the room!