Stealth Jihad Through Halal


The Halal industry is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that operates around the world and has stealth impact on the global non-Muslim community. While many people are unwittingly consuming Halal meat and other foods because labeling is not mandatory, the reach of the Halal industry goes far beyond what we eat - to everyday household products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, pet food, and even socks! What's the big deal about that? For one thing, there is the cost. Companies must pay a fee to Halal-certifying organizations for their products to be considered halal - and that cost is passed on to consumers, i.e., you. Secondly, some of the money paid to these Halal-certifying agencies goes to causes few of us would support, up to and including the funding of terrorist organizations. And thirdly, for those of us who don't require that our meat be blessed by Allah, there is the cruelty of halal slaughter.

Unfortunately, no Western government shows any sign of demanding more transparency from the non-transparent Halal-certification industry. At the very least, all Halal-certified products should be clearly labelled as such. Consumers must be provided with non-Halal alternatives so they can make informed decisions about buying Halal products. But it costs companies more to have several supply chains, and as long as none or just a few of us complain about unwittingly eating or otherwise consuming Halal products, companies will continue business as usual. Nor will governments act to legislate clear labeling for Halal-certified products unless they feel political pressure. They feel the heat from their Muslim constituents who demand Halal products. The rest of us are equally entitled to non-Halal products and we must let governments know how we feel.

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