Standing up to the PC Bullies


America has become a land of institutional cowards. I don't mean you, average joe, dragging your aching body out of bed in the morning, facing brutal traffic or dreadful weather, to get on with the job of keeping America running. That takes guts. I don't mean you, our guardians against mayhem - military or first responders - defending the community. You put your lives on the line every day. I do mean the far too many leaders of our institutions and businesses who haven't the courage to do what's right. Cowards, these privileged leaders are.

Leading up to Christmas, corporate cowardice finally jumped the shark: Microsoft posted an icon of Santa's fur fringed crimson hat in their visual studio. A single person complained - just one: Santa means religion he whined. Stop promoting Santa, stop promoting religion. Obsequious Microsoft complied. The icon vanished. It didn't matter that fourth century Nicolas of Myra spent his life taking care of the poor and sick. It didn't matter that honoring this great man's humanity is always appropriate. It didn't matter that the nation loves Santa. St. Nick must go. And go he did, banished from Microsoft - banished by corporate cowards.

This corporate kowtowing to complaint has become all too common. Even when submission profoundly violates their own corporate culture, expedience is the first resort of timid executives. Witness Chick-fil-A bowing to the complaints of LGBT mobs to cease supporting the Salvation Army. This is just one example of many.

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