Source of the Multiculturalism Policy of Canada: Communist China.


Pierre Trudeau was one of the useful idiots deceived by the Marxist propaganda and disinformation strategy of Communist China and the U.S.S.R. In the book he co-authored with Jacques Hebert, published in 1961, "Two Innocents in Red China", in the chapter titled "The Chinese Minorities", we see the evidence. Consider the human rights abuses China is known for currently, and compare that with the credulous statement from the book:

"One thing is certain: the present facts lead us to the conclusion that in the eyes of the Communist government the best way of integrating the minorities into the New China is not to try to assimilate them but -- on the contrary, while respecting them -- to seek to make them understand the blessings of Marxism." (pg 75).

How consistently has that worked out in China? Currently the Chinese government has been struggling to control it's Muslim population by force, and the Falun Gong minority have been crying out about organ harvesting and other forms of torture. So much for China's multicultural policy, and the source of Trudeau's inspiration.

And how is the Canadian government to make Muslims see the "blessings" of Marxism when, in the interest of neo-Marxist diversity and inclusion, small children are forced to endure the attentions of an adult dressed like a prostitute, as we have seen at the Westcliffe Community Center this August 17th, in Ottawa? How is any reasonable person to see the blessings of Marxism after watching that video?

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The West needs to wake up to this con-job, for the sake of the children.

by Anne T. Commie

August 20, 2019