Something Wicked This Way Comes


In spite of stealing an election, the Left will have us believe they won the political and cultural war and now are in the process of removing the bodies in Washington, poised to take over. They are continuing to take down the symbols, the culture, the habits, much like Mao destroyed the Four Old Things, with 2 million dead, during his Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976... Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.

This is no time to be faint of heart, to shrink into the background. It's a time to find your courage, to protect what you hold dear. We will either have a political solution where the law and the Constitution is upheld, or we will have a military solution where bodies of the dead will pile up in the streets. Which will it be?

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Excellent comment by Linda Goudsmit:

Brilliant summary and analysis. The leftist 21st century cancel culture Culture War on America parallels Mao's 20th century Chinese Cultural Revolution. Americans who voted for Biden/Harris had better take a good look at communist China, and decide if this is the social justice and income equality that they had in mind. The inscrutable Chinese are not so inscrutable - they are masters at exploiting Western greed in politics and business. China's stated goal is to dominate the world by the 100th anniversary of the communist revolution - Beijing Joe is the primary conduit. There can be no planetary governance without first destroying American sovereignty. So, today western globalists have common cause with communist China to destroy America-first President Donald Trump, including colluding with the Chinese to steal the 2020 election. Tomorrow the temporary alliance will collapse and they will battle each other for primacy.