“Socially Allied Elements” on the March


Can the people of the West change the situation? Yes, they can. There is still a window of opportunity. They can vote for the truly right-wing parties, go to demonstrations, as courageous people in Eastern Europe and the USSR did (and continue do it today in Russia); they can publish open letters, like dissidents did. But first of all, one should understand and recognize the main thing: the current political system in the West is not democracy in general, and of course, not "liberal democracy" in Alexis de Tocqueville's terms. This is a perverted cultural totalitarianism of a new type, wrapped in beautiful slogans, using pseudo-Soviet rhetoric and Soviet repression tools to intimidate anyone who dissents and doubts, in order to turn them into "consumer plankton." The ideas of freedom, liberal values and democracy are entrusted to the militants of Antifa, BLM, "Sharia patrols" and the "jihadists" of Belmarsh prison. Welcome to anti-utopia.