Should Maxime Bernier be Included in the Leaders’ Debates?


Maxime Bernier received a letter this week from the Leaders' Debates Commission saying he did not yet qualify for an invitation. The Peoples Party of Canada has 310 candidates, while the Liberals have only 238 and are scrambling to nominate more. The NDP has even fewer candidates. The Greens have barely achieved in 35 years what the PPC did in 10 months. And yet, they were all invited.

And wait for this. The Bloc québécois too! Their separatist leader will be at the English debate, even though they have no candidates outside Quebec.The elites in this country have gone crazy.

Please help bring back common sense to Canadian politics and sign the petition asking the Commission to let Maxime Bernier participate, and send it to everyone you know.

The citizens of Canada should be allowed to listen to what The Peoples Party of Canada has to say.