Shariah law makes a comeback in Ontario by Tarek Fatah


Two Muslim men - an activist turned Shariah mortgage seller and an Islamic cleric who sold his Islamic seal of approval on such mortgages - were acquitted on Friday of a dozen criminal charges by an Ontario Superior Court judge who validated aspects of Sharia law in reaching her decision. Justice Jane Ferguson described the trial as a "huge learning curve in Islamic finance."

After the judgement, Omar Kalair boasted in a statement: "This [decision by Justice Ferguson] in my view, is a victory not only for myself but for the Islamic finance industry, that actions we take due to our religion [Islam] are accepted in certain courts."

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Letter to the Editor:

Tarek Fatah writes about the acquittal of two Muslim men on a dozen criminal charges by Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson, essentially because they were operating under Islamic financial law, about which she confessed that she had a "huge learning curve."

In October, 2004, after the failed attempt to introduce sharia law for civil matters in Ontario, Tariq Ramada (grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna) was quoted by the magazine Egypt Today:

"The Muslims in Canada's battle to set up shariah courts to settle domestic disputes is another example of lack of creativity. Within the normative law in Canada, they have huge latitude for Muslims to propose an Islamic contract. These courts are not necessary; all they do is stress the fact that Muslims have specific laws and for the time being this is not how we want to be perceived...

"It's more useful for Muslims to examine the legal framework they have in Canada, which is one of the most open in the world, and come up with something Islamic that at the same time fits the Canadian reality. The term shariah in itself is laden with negative connotations in the Western mind. There is no need to stress that. We can do more and better without creating this sort of fracture and misunderstanding...."

It seems that Muslims no longer even need to hide the fact that they want to implement shariah law in Canada. With Justices like Ferguson, we'll just bow to it like good dhimmies.