Serving The Vancouver Canucks With My Divorce Papers


Mark Donnelly, the man made famous for his rousing renditions of the national anthem before the hometown fans of the Vancouver Canucks, made a mistake. He exercised his constitutional right to lend his voice to an assembly of citizens who met to challenge the COVID protocol. Keep in mind, his error did not consist in publicly supporting a cause, but in publicly supporting a cause which his employer disagreed with. Donnelly committed a "Thought Crime".

It is no wonder that this generation, far removed from the sacrifices which their grandparents' made on their behalf, has so little understanding of what liberty really means. Free speech means nothing if it is only to be accorded to those we agree with. And constitutionally stipulated rights mean nothing if employers and witch hunters can consign employees to the bread line for exercising them. Not a week passes when we are reminded that all of us are but one tweet away from ruin. Is this what "The Greatest Generation" died for? Do I wear a poppy to commemorate the heroism of Ron MacLean and Francesco Aquillini?

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