Saudi prince offers glimpse of dazzling $500 billion ‘Smart City of the Future’ where you will own nothing and be happy


All travel will take place in this city via high-speed rail, with an end-to-end transit of 20 minutes. And if you wish to travel outside of that parameter? I guess you're out of luck. Maybe it will work out for you if you know someone important and your social credit score is within the acceptable range. If your score is too low, you won't even be allowed on the government-provided mass transit and you're condemned to a life within the four walls of your home.

The Crown Prince has designed the city to deliver on all of the 17 sustainability goals cooked up by the United Nations Agenda 2030, which was approved in September 2015 by the heads of state of almost every nation in the world. We the people never voted for this "sustainable" way of life but our leaders committed us to it anyway. Different countries will deliver us over to this abhorrent lifestyle in different ways.

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