Sajid Javid’s Tweet Horrifies Sadiq Khan


London mayor Sadiq Khan has attacked Home Secretary Sajid Javid for "playing to the far-right narrative" with a tweet he sent following the sentencing of a grooming gang in Huddersfield. Mr. Javid tweeted after a gang of 20 men were sentenced on October 19; "These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice. I want to commend the bravery of the victims. For too long, they were ignored. Not on my watch. There will be no no-go areas."

Is anything Sajid Javid said untrue? Were not all 20 of the men who were convicted in Huddersfield "Asians" - a word which has been used for decades in the U.K. to avoid identifying people forthrightly as British Pakistanis, though everyone knows what the word is meant to convey: Muslims of Pakistani origin. Sadiq Khan thinks identifying the groomers in this way is unacceptable, though he fails to explain why.