Rohingya Muslims are a Complete Misfit in Buddhist Myanmar


The UNO can try and put the Burmese generals in jail but can anyone remove the FUNDAMENTAL cause of their fate? Since the whole world seems to be taking a one-sided view please let me be the Devil's Advocate and explain the other side too on the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please permit me to offer a frank comment on yesterday's news item on ROHINGYA MUSLIMS from Myanmar.

The local Buddhists are ALSO human beings and we expect them to love and cherish their RELIGION, the safety of their streets and daughters, the founder of their religion, Gautama BUDDHA, and above all, their COUNTRY.

They know very well as to WHO THE MUSLIMS ARE, WHAT JIHAD MEANS, AND WHAT ISLAM IS! They came to know about the Muslims even better when next door SECULAR India was broken up in order to create the fundamentalist Islamic State of Pakistan in 1947. Since then there has been marked, though latent, TERROR in the psyche of the followers of all non-violent (non-Muslim) religions that having Muslims will eventually mean more and more of riots, clashes, seduction and abduction, and conversion of girls, ending in PARTITION, India style! It's a NIGHTMARE the Europeans have not seen as yet!

The Burmese know how ALL the Muslim invaders of the sub continent demolished the temples, pagodas, churches and synagogues, slaughtered millions of NATIVES, and forcibly converted millions more under the threat of "Islam or DEATH?" On their part the Burmese Buddhists have NEVER invaded or captured Mecca (Muslim invaders captured Ayodhya, the Hindu equivalent of Mecca!) or destroyed a single mosque anywhere on earth!

The Buddhists, who know the meaning of "HINDUKUSH" (where hundreds of thousands of Hindu & BUDDHIST prisoners, including girls and women, perished), remember, too, the destruction of the two tall historic and sacred Buddha statues at Bamyan in Afghanistan in 2001. They were AS HOLY to all the Buddhists on earth just as the Koran is holy for all the Muslims.

Are the Buddhists in Myanmar not expected to fear the Rohingya Muslims' potential for destruction of ALL their statues, and their religious motivation to replace their Constitution by the KORAN, destroy their Parliament, shopping malls, cinemas and theatres? Would they not know about the brutal persecution of the Buddhists in neighbouring Bangladesh, especially in Chittagong? Would they also not know about the plight of the Hindus in Bangladesh?

Kindly do one thing in the cause of TRUTH: Please find out the number of Buddhists in Bangladesh in 1947 and today. WHERE HAVE THE REST GONE? And how is it that UNO did not care to even look that way to see what was happening to the minorities in Bangladesh. Nor does the UNO want to know the number of HINDUS & SIKHS living happily in West Punjab, in 1947 - and today? Where have those MILLIONS gone? Has anyone been arrested and sent to World Court of Justice for trial? Sir, those MILLIONS were either slaughtered by the MUSLIMS, their own compatriots, or forced to FLEE for life in their clothes.

Around one million Rohingya MUSLIMS have attracted the full attention of the media in the West but TEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs massacred on the sub continent in 1947 alone, have not been noticed by any Excellency at UNO. What about the TRIAL of the man who demanded the break up of secular and peaceful India into three bleeding fragments overnight on August 14, 1947? Tens of millions of Non-Muslim REFUGEES from Pakistan and Bangladesh, scattered across the world, ought to be of interest to the UNO, too.

Muslim temperament, indoctrination, fanaticism, nature and characteristics are very well known to their Buddhist and Hindu neighbours and fellow citizens for more than a thousand years. It has been a story of ONE SIDED INVASIONS, murders, assassinations, loot and plunder, rape of women, "love Jehad" bogus marriages, grooming, seduction & abduction. Those Buddhists and Hindus FORCED OUT of their homes in Pakistan and Bangladesh, too, have the SAME human rights to return home and live in their ancestral homes in peace. Who is going to make sure of their safe RETURN and then safe life among the "Kafir Killers" there? Does UNO have a hidden agenda to destabilise Myanmar? If the world is sincere in getting the trust of the Buddhists in Myanmar in their Rohingya MUSLIMS then the UNO should do their utmost to UNDO the bogus Partition of India since ALL the Buddhists in Myanmar also fear the same wretched fate for their country if they have an increasing MUSLIM population in their midst.

If the UNO cannot lift a finger to UNDO THE PARTITIOIN OF INDIA then it is not an organisation committed to PRINCIPLES but has a vested interest in seeing India in THREE fragments with the border slicing through the middle of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, and wish the same fate inflicted on Myanmar.

Sir, Myanmar does not want her own border slice through the middle to extend the ISLAMIC Republic of Bangladesh EASTWARDS to incorporate the lands of Rohingya.

Myanmar may regret like Ukraine losing Crimea and weep till eternity like India who was FORCED TO SURRENDER unconditionally not only East Bengal (now Bangladesh) but also Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab and North West Frontier Province only because there were more Muslims per head of population!

Myanmar is not a world power like CHRISTIAN Germany that can accept one MILLION MUSLIM migrants overnight and not have a single sleepless night. Myanmar is in South Asia where the implications of having MUSLIMS can be lethal since the Belief systems are so diametrically opposite and irreconcilable.

Kindly allow me to suggest that the cause of restless, even terrorist MUSLIM psyche is the word "KAFIR" (Infidel) in the Koran, that motivates the Muslims to convert the whole world to Islam. It is 21st century now and this derogatory and discriminatory word ("KAFIR") ought to be expunged from the book in order to make the book holy for the whole mankind. Proud and honourable Buddhists of Myanmar cannot have a rude, thankless and destructive minority living among them who regards them (the Buddhists) infidel or "inferior" or KAFIRS meant for Hell fires if they do not turn to Mecca while praying!

After the forced return of the ROHINGYA Muslims to Myanmar, who will ensure that they do not continue with hatred towards the Buddhist infidels, will not damage or destroy their temples, will not establish I.S. (Daesh) or Al Qaida, and will not send suicide bombers to kill the innocent in the streets and shopping centres? Will the UNO establish their own presence to ensure that the Rohingya MUSLIMS become SECULAR (and civilised) and friends of the Buddhist INFIDELS and respect their girls and womenfolk, and dispense with the cardinal command in Islam, "to CONTINUE THE JEHAD IN ORDER TO CONVERT THE WHOLE WORLD TO ISLAM!"? JEHAD is a permanent and vital element in a good Muslim's psyche.

Franky speaking even in this country the local BRITISH families with daughters going to schools would be worried to read the news about the seduction, grooming and rape of even minor SCHOOL GIRLS. Many British families are crying over their sons and daughters who flew off to Syria to join the DAESH and killed British hostages and even humanitarian workers! The behaviour of this community is the same in Partitioned India, Bangladesh (please note the plight of the Buddhists in Chittagong!) and in Myanmar that fears Partition if more and more Rohingya MUSLIMS return. Please try to count the number of orphans and widows created by the VIOLENCE committed by the Muslims on DAILY basis in Asia. We may hear of ONE suicide bomber but never find out about the 20 or 50 KILLED and the bereaved families and the young widows, who lived on to 80 or 90, in grief and mourning. WE SHOULD RELATE TO THEM MORE and publish their life stories after the Muslim "Jehadi John" beheaded the few for his Islamic "fun"!

Of course for the Rohingya MUSLIMS and for the MILLIONS more heading towards European Union there is enough LAND and RESOURCE within the OIC (Organisation of Islamic States). The UNO ought to approach the Organisation to settle the Rohingya MUSLIMS and all other MUSLIM refugees in ISLAMIC countries where one would not find a single Christian, Jew, Hindu or BUDDHIST. The rest of the world will become a SAFER place.

Thank you for your excellent broadcasts.

Best regards

R S Rajput