Rev. Pawlowski vs. the State


I support law enforcement, but like Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, I don't want to see law enforcement misused by those who currently hold political power in government. A police officer is not and should not be used as a dumb instrument of power. They are obliged to follow orders, with the understanding that the orders given will be lawful. When they aren't, or the orders are questionable, their obligation is broken. We see the results in the cities around us.

Is it lawful or right to stand by as BLM and Antifa members torch buildings, assault bystanders, loot businesses, and intimidate citizens? Is it lawful to order police to stand down in the face of such threats? At the same time, is it lawful or right to order police to close churches, arrest pastors for holding services, arrest subway patrons for mask-wearing violations, or incarcerate business owners for trying to make a living?

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