Response to Alan Dershowitz's article on a mandated vaccine:


In response to an earlier posting of the article: Alan Dershowitz: State has right to 'plunge a needle into your arm', here is the editorial opinion of author Linda Goudsmit.

In the Crowdsource the Truth video interview that sparked this whole controversy about mandated vaccines, Dershowitz is making a purely legal argument - he is saying that the authority to force vaccinations is based exclusively on legislative authority. Dershowitz is saying that the government has the legal right to force you to take a vaccine ONLY if legislation is passed to mandate it for public health. Governors, mayors do not have the right - only the government does through legislation. If the governor of NY has legislative authority to close the park he can close the park. The same goes for vaccinations. The confusion about the interview is that Dershowitz does not make it clear that the terrifying legislative authority to mandate vaccines does not yet exist.

So, the challenge becomes one of NOT allowing any legislation to pass that authorizes forced vaccinations! It is interesting that Dershowitz reveals his incredible naivety and trust in the medical community. He does not believe that legislation would be passed without widespread consensus. He argues that it is very difficult to pass legislation - many checks and balances - and he trusts the system. Dershowitz's argument fails because its premise relies solely on the integrity of the public health institutions, its officials, and its funding. There are no checks and balances for a corrupt CDC; financially corrupt public health officials like Fauci, Birx, and Redfield; globalists like Gates and Soros who fund their research; and especially the pharmaceutical industry that has been indemnified from vaccine harm. Clearly, constitutional scholar Dershowitz has not done his homework on vaccine harm, and dismisses the connection between mandated vaccines and social control - he is rather naive in that regard. Good to know. So, what is the solution?

My first suggestion is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr be invited back to the White House to head the commission on vaccine safety that he was supposed to lead before Bill Gates interfered. Second, legislation should be passed that immediately eliminates big-Pharma's catastrophic indemnification from vaccine harm.

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Linda Goudsmit