Researcher exposes money trail behind U.S.-based campaign to kill the oilsands


Vivian Krause's name has become synonymous with the fight against the concerted effort by U.S. oil interests working to land-lock Canadian oil and gas by using environmental groups to protest against the industry with the stated aim of grinding development to a halt. Krause is a one-woman wrecking crew to the wall of secrecy behind that foreign plan, which she has almost single-handedly exposed by painstakingly following the money trail.

Krause finished her talk with this question: "We need to ask ourselves, what would Texas do if a group of charitable foundations from Canada were running a multimillion-dollar campaign to land-lock Texan crude? Would they let it go on for 10 years? I don't think so. Maybe that's what we need. We need to think like Texas."

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