Remembering Rich Higgins


You will be sorely missed. You were an example to us all of love of country; of courage, civil and personal; and of stoic good humor in the face of adversity. We will pick up the torch and carry on the fight in your honor. We will make you proud. We promise you that.

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of American hero Rich Higgins. Rich died of heart failure during the early morning hours of February 23rd. As many of you knew, Rich was left without a small bowel after suffering from a massive blood clot in his mesenteric artery in late January of 2021. Over the course of 2021, he underwent over twenty surgeries, many of which could have ended his life, but displaying his usual toughness, he made it through them all.

Heading into his transplant the week before last, although he could not eat or drink, he was in good health and in good spirits. The transplant went well and the doctors indicated he was on track for a full recovery. The night before he passed, Rich was talking and texting with friends and family. But, unfortunately, his heart gave out just a few short hours later.

It is almost impossible to describe in this short a space how special a man Rich Higgins was, and how vital his contributions to our fight to reclaim our Republic. But I will do my best.

Rich was always about fifty steps ahead of everyone else. Many of us too readily dismissed Rich as a "conspiracy theorist"- only to find Rich completely vindicated by events a few months or years later. Why? Because his knowledge of the Deep State -the military industrial complex, Islamists, globalists, international financiers etc.--was hard-earned - gained through real world experience, rather than through serving time behind a desk at a think tank. Rich prided himself on his street smarts and his common touch. Years in Washington never turned his head. He wore his learning lightly. He had a talent for boiling down complicated political events and theories into language that anyone could understand.

I got to see Rich in action when I recruited him as a surrogate for Trump at the convention in Cleveland in 2016.My task was to help assign surrogates to the various state delegation breakfasts, and I quickly realized we had a big problem: The RNC-run surrogate selection team had no understanding of Trump or his candidacy, and so were ill-equipped to counter Ken Cuccinelli's plan to steal the nomination from Trump by getting the required number of states to vote for Cruz and force a brokered convention.So I called Rich and said: "Drop what you are doing and come to Cleveland-now!"

I wanted Rich and his colleagues to convince the Cruz delegations to vote for Trump. I knew no one could better frame the issue at hand for what it was: a battle of Americanism v Globalism, with Trump representing average, decent, hard-working Americans.

Rich went into the most hostile Cruz delegations and won converts. Several of the states Rich briefed even ended up voting for Trump on the first ballot. Mission accomplished!

At that crucial moment, no one could have been more effective than Rich.No one ever stood more firmly for truth, even if it was in the face of ridicule and derision. Because he always knew what was at stake, he always had the guts to tell it straight even when others would not. He was Bunyan's Mr. Valiant-For-Truth.

Of course, he also knew how to pick his spots. He didn't unnecessarily overexpose himself - when he stepped out, he went for the kill.I remember Rich telling me, "Gray, war is nine parts deception and one part combat. How many times do I have to tell you to read the War of the Flea? It is all in there. Wake the f**k up." This was Rich Higgins: immense learning but delivered in the common language of his hometown Boston.Rich went for the kill when he wrote his famous "POTUS and Political Warfare" memo warning President Trump to "wake up," or risk being removed from office. Tragically, Trump did not listen, and the rest is history.

A few months after Rich was perp walked out of the White House for telling the truth, I started urging Rich to write a book. His story needed to be told. After months of back and forth, Rich finally agreed to write the book and we were proud to publish it. It is titled The Memo: Twenty Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First.

And now that Rich is gone, I am more thankful than ever that we were able to put Rich's story between two covers. After you read the book, your understanding of the tumultuous years of the Trump Administration will be forever changed. Through Rich's story, you'll learn how the Left, Establishment republicans and globalists wage unprecedented political and information warfare operations against the American people. You will see national and world events through a whole new lens.

Rich, you will be sorely missed. You were an example to us all of love of country; of courage, civil and personal; and of stoic good humor in the face of adversity. We will pick up the torch and carry on the fight in your honor. We will make you proud. We promise you that.Rich leaves behind his wife Karin and four young children. Karin has shown remarkable strength throughout the last year and has been a rock for Rich. We will not forget you, Karin and will be there to support you both emotionally and financially.