Refugees finally join Canadians in being less important than Liberals’ political interests


We have equality at last in Canada: cruelty disguised as charity. For nearly four years, many Canadians expressed their frustration at the fact that the Canadian state seemed to be putting the interests of refugees over the interests of the Canadian people.

As it turns out, the refugees were not worth a damn to the Liberals either.

The same Liberals who denied the existence of a #WelcomeToCanada border problem, called people unCanadian if they disagreed, then created a new cabinet position for border security. The same ones who went around asking media to call the illegal border crossings "irregular" instead.

Now, in an election year scramble, the Liberals will try to boot asylum seekers without a hearing. It is a desperate overcorrection that many commentators predict will not be upheld in the courts. Unfortunately for them, these "legalities" can't be dealt with by appointing a new attorney general.

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