Recommended Book: The New Order of Fear by Tom Quiggin


Last fall, I began to write a fictional series called "The Great Reset Trilogy." The first one is just out and is titled "The New Order of Fear." The intent of the trilogy is to warn and expose the dangers of the Great Reset and how they will lead to further division and violence.

The first book is set mainly in Europe, but the action moves towards Canada and the USA at the end of the book. The second book will straddle action in Canada/USA/Europe while the third will focus on how Iran/China/WEF are behind most of the ideology driving the Great Reset.

In the first book, Prime Minister Trudeau is found strangled with a pair of Halal socks in Tofino. Despite being a strong advocate of the Great Reset, the other main players decide to assassinate him as he is seen as a loose cannon and not a serious player.

A New Order of Fear (The Great Reset Trilogy)

Justin Trudeau is found dead in his bed, strangled with a pair of Halal socks, given to him by Cabinet Minister Omar Alghabra.

"A New Order of Fear" is the just-released political thriller book that exposes the dangers of the Great Reset and globalism.

Your money, freedom and children are at risk as leaders such Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, Finance Minster Freeland, President Xi of China, Ursula von der Leyen of the EU and António Guterres on the United Nations continue to push their globalist agenda, now rebranded as the 'Great Reset.'

They are the greatest threat to democracy and freedom in the West, pushing their ideology using phrases such as 'Build Back Better, the 'Green New Deal' or 'Stakeholder Capitalism.' This process is driven ahead by progressives, Marists, globalists and Islamists.

The Great Reset Trilogy, of which "A New Order of Fear" is the first, are fictional work that explores how globalists wish to remake our world into a Marxian-inspired totalitarian system. The Great Reset is the globalist agenda where 'elites' determine all outcomes. As was stated by the World Economic Forum, "You'll own nothing, you will have no privacy and you'll be happy." As always, the elites say it is for "your safety," but what they mean is they want total control of you and everything you do. Consistent with previous resets such as the French Revolution in 1789 or the Russian Revolution in 1917, the elites have no concerns about the thousands or millions who will die in the process.

In this fictional thriller, Europe is thrown into turmoil as the European Union launches the Great Reset as prescribed by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Form and globalists/Islamists. Prime Minister Trudeau is later found assassinated in his bed, strangled with a pair of halal socks given to him by Cabinet Minister Omar Alghabra. The Great Reset is underway and the violence spreads, with many surprising plot turns.

Like most of the Great Resets of the past such as the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Russian Revolution or the French Revolution, the risk of massive violence and upheaval are built into the process.

If you do not believe that this is happening, consider the following:

• Trudeau put globalists and the UN first, Canada last

• The wealth transfer of the pandemic

• Open Borders

• Housing costs

• Rising Crime

• Defund the police

• Church burnings

• Race baiting by the government

• Statues destroyed (Queen Victoria was an abolitionist)

• Winnipeg Level Four Bioresearch lab: Chinese scientist are missing.

• Parliament is no long supreme

• "Men" allowed in women's rape crisis center

• Technofascism - big tech plus big pharma plus big government

• Minors can transition without parental consent (attack on family structure/authority)

• 12 year old children can consent to an experimental vaccine and parents cannot ask about it

• The assault on language

• Paying people to stay home to force up wages (stakeholder capitalism or socialism)

• CBC and the exploitation of 10-year-old children as drag queens

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