Rebel News Reporter, David Menzies, Arrested on Public Property


David Menzies made another trip to the Earnscliffe Recreation Centre this week, hoping once again to get a chance to ask some followup questions of Mayor Patrick Brown. Except this time, David wound up in the back of a Peel Regional Police cruiser.

Although last week Sneaky Patrick didn't show up to the arena, David was once again told to leave the public facility by the private security guarding the arena. After telling them their previous trespass notices were worthless, private security eventually called the real police, who then came in force, and shockingly ejected David from the premises.

Democracy does not work this way; peaceful journalists doing journalism on public property can't just be shooed away by politicized cops running an errand for an angry mayor.

Naturally, embracing the "rebel" in Rebel News, David brought along the Rebel Commander, Ezra Levant, who decided not to just bring himself for support, but a lawyer and several cameras, as well.

When he returned this week, David was ARRESTED. David wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just doing his job - in this case, working on a news report about Patrick Brown.

The law for public places is not the same as for private property - police can only kick people out of public property under limited circumstances, such as for breaking noise bylaws, for example. Obviously none of that applied.

David was put in a police car and taken away, simply for practicing journalism.

Rebel News intends to fight this like hell, and to investigate the role of Patrick Brown, the mayor, as to why a whole squad of police cars were dispatched to arrest a peaceful journalist.

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