Ramadan in Pakistan: Man’s father and brother gouge out his eyes for “violating Islamic values”

Warning Graphic Content!
Warning Graphic Content!

Abdul Baqi, 22, thought his family would help him get married. Instead, his father and four brothers accused him of violating Islamic values and removed his eyes to punish him. The cruelty of Islamic hardliners knows no boundaries. You violate Islamic law, you could be stoned to death, thrown from a building, caned, honor-killed, and in this case have your eyeballs removed.


"Oh my god, my god my god my god. This is the evil we're up against. This is what the appeasers and apologists are protecting. . . The world is full of violence for many reasons, this is true, but islam is in a class all its own." 

"It is NOT speaking out against crimes like this that is the crime, not speaking out. If you hide evil, you empower it to spread. Islam is BARBARIC!!! Is anyone offended? Well too bad!!!"

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