Rachel, Rachel


Is Dr. Rachel Levine, President Biden's pick for Assistant Secretary for Health, a great, or even a competent, physician? Who cares? It's 2021, and Rachel is trans! Rachel is not only a trans person; Rachel is a trans activist, a self-described champion of transgender youth. Meaning what? Meaning, among much else, that Rachel supports giving puberty blockers to children who say they're the opposite sex, and is open to ordering "gender-confirmation" surgery to kids under age 18 with or without parental permission.

Let me be blunt. Rachel is terrifying. This isn't one of your good, old-fashioned M-to-F transsexuals who've put a serious effort into looking and dressing like women and into cultivating a demure and feminine manner. And it's certainly not one of those M-to-Fs who are famously beautiful, like the British model Caroline Cossey (a.k.a. Tula). No, Rachel is a hulking character, with all the grace of a stevedore, whose hair looks like a dirty mop and whose clothes are a mess.

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