Quebec: Tories Go From 4th To 1st In Liberal-NDP Riding


The Tories have just sent a resounding signal to Ottawa. In the riding of Chicoutimi - Le Fjord, where the Conservatives were 4th in the last election, they have won with over 50% of the vote.

In 2015 their share of the vote was only 16.6%.

It is undeniably an astonishing victory.

Since 2000, the riding has been held by the Bloc Quebecois, the NDP, and the Liberals.

Interesting Note: The NDP has lost ground in every by-election across the country since 2015, compared to their general election result in each riding, and this one was no exception.

Media sources were quick to explain away the blue surge as best as they could, blaming everything from nationalism (as if the border crisis was not caused by the Liberals), Trump (as if his personal insult swayed thousands of Quebec voters), and the personal popularity of the Conservative candidate (which the Liberals evidently were not able to match).

Regardless of the punditry, one thing is clear. The Conservatives have won a seat at the very heart of the Liberal country.

If the Liberal party does not wake up and respond to the real problems affecting everyday Canadians, they may see this occur nationwide.

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