PROOF that COVID-19 vaccine is made with aborted tissue, Chimpanzee tissue plus mRNA material


A new video overview of the COVID-19 vaccine label for AtraZeneca's vaccine reveals that it's made with MRC-5, a strain of aborted human fetal tissue. The video walks the viewer through a closer look at the packaging labeling of the AtraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, beginning with the ChAdOx1-S(recombinant) designation on the label. This ingredient leads the viewer down a rabbit hole of online research, eventually discovering that recombinant strains used in the vaccine are grown from the aborted fetal tissue of a 14-week-old aborted human baby. Plus, the COVID vaccine will contain genetic-altering mRNA. It will literally reprogram your DNA to replicate DNA from other organisms like pigs, chickens, or such. It will turn you into a chimera (a creature with DNA of diverse organisms). See THIS, and THIS for more explanation. 

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