Project Veritas has learned that the Pinterest insider has been fired


This man is incredibly courageous. He uncovered one of the biggest tech censorship stories of 2019. In case you missed our Pinterest investigation, here is what this brave Silicon Valley man uncovered:

  • Censorship of pro-life content
  • Suppression of Christian terms and content
  • Live Action (a massive pro-life organization) was added to their "porn domain block list"
  • Conservative content listed as "conspiracies" and demoted in Pinterest's search results

This insider has made an enormous impact. In fact, his story and his findings have been shared with millions. Here are some examples of the incredible impact this insider's disclosures have made in the past 24 hours:

This man is a profile of courage. He risked it all to show you the truth. And through his bravery, he suffered unfortunate and significant consequences. Many of you have reached out to me about how to thank this brave young man.

"I think when public policies don't match with how social media companies are actually implementing them, people have a right to know,people have a right to that transparency. And the thing is one person can make all the difference... one person can bring transparency to big tech." -- Pinterest Insider

You can thank him by sending an email to:

I will share your emails with him so he knows how incredibly grateful we are for his courage.

James O'Keefe/Project Veritas