Powerful Interview with The Father of a Child Whom the Activist Doctors, Lawyers and Courts of Canada Have not Protected


This story has been reported in the National Post, the Federalist and numerous publications as the sheer insanity of our school, medical and judicial systems are exposed! A child was given full authority to "transition" without parental consent. Rob has fought courageously to protect his child from a global agenda to teach kids that they can alter their gender with cross-sex hormones and "gender affirming", irreparable surgeries.

Rob's efforts have not worked. Society is betraying the masses. Parental rights have been smashed to pieces and now mean nothing in the face of this activist movement which does not care about the outfall of this dangerous, dark, medical experiment on our kids.

We cannot be silent, we cannot turn the other way as more and more children are falling victim to doctors like are mentioned in this post.

All it takes for evil to continue is good men and women to cower and bow in silence as unimaginable harm is done in front of our faces.

Who will stand?

Listen before it is taken down >