PETITION: How dare YOU interfere in our federal election, Greta Thunberg!


You remember Greta Thunberg, right? She is the 16-year-old anti-oil extremist from Sweden who has become a global sensation for her emotionally-charged rants against climate change.

She's currently filming an anti-oil reality show with the BBC and she has come to Alberta to attack the oil-sands in the middle of an election campaign, even though she refuses to register as a third party with Elections Canada.

But Greta has never criticized China, the world's largest polluter, or OPEC, the world's largest oil producers.

She could go to China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran or Venezuela to preach, but she doesn't... And why is that? Why does she choose to attack the world's most ethical oil - Canadian oil?

Well, I managed to track her down to an Edmonton hotel and I confronted her and her team face-to-face. Here, check out my world exclusive footage:

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