PPC candidate mulls legal action against London Mosque over debate snub


A London federal election candidate, Salim Mansur, said he's considering taking action against the London Muslim Mosque after he wasn't invited to a candidates' debate on the weekend.

"I have been an anti-Islamist Muslim all my life," he said. "There are people in the mosque, I assume, who have contrary opinions. But all of that has to be set aside when it comes to national politics. We are engaged in a federal election and the tradition and the law requires that (candidates) have equal rights."

"It is one thing to have differences of opinion on matters of foreign and domestic policy which go to the heart of the notion of democracy and why we have election campaigns. However, it is another thing entirely to show a complete lack of respect to an entire religion. And since our community has felt the wrath of Islamophobia and hate, we cannot give a platform to a party that cannot respect our faith or our people."

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