People must have the right to mock Muhammad


Actually, the republication of the cartoons can absolutely be justified in terms of freedom of expression. This is unquestionably a free-speech issue. The right to doubt, question and even mock all gods, prophets, ideologies and fads is essential to a free society. The exercise of this right will sometimes cause offence, sure, but people feeling offended is an infinitesimally small price to pay for living in a society in which you have the right to express your views, whether you're an irreligious piss-taking satirist, a hardcore Islamist, or just a regular person. Hurt feelings pale into insignificance in contrast with the essential and empowering nature of freedom of expression.

Charlie Hebdo is right to continue insisting that freedom of speech, including the right to offend, is something really worth fighting for. Whether this freedom is being undermined by armed gunmen, government censorship or woke mobs, we all suffer when the liberty to express ourselves is betrayed. So let's say it again: Je suis Charlie.

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