Pecking Order, Nothing More


George Floyd isn't mourned by anyone on the streets of America. He's just another conduit in the pursuit of anarchy and general lawlessness. And this has been the case since Obama made it fashionable by condoning these types of "expressions" under the umbrella of minority frustration with law enforcement.

Truth be known, this tragic incident isn't representative of anything but horrific actions of one bad cop, or a group of cops. As some other individual incidents have been.

Truth be known, most crime in America is black on black crime and therefore most incarcerations are of black men. This is a cultural culprit that resulted from economic, political and ethnic issues related to community and family structure.

Instead of addressing the real issues plaguing general statistics, the media fans the Floyd incident as prototypical. In reply, the leftist mob is only too happy to provide the looting, destroying, killing and burning for TV entertainment and momentary power grab.

And none of it, NONE, has to do with the timeline of arresting the bad cop. None of it has anything to do with George Floyd. And it never has.

Every speech given by mayors and governors to express grief over the tragic Floyd death only fuels the mob and gives further permission to terrorize innocent people, their homes and businesses. Until they arrest every single rioter, this anarchy will continue.

If an act of individual police brutality sets off cross-country domestic terrorism by the same cross-section of young, unemployed, uneducated, antifa-sympathizing leftist mob with a clear pattern, then the goal is only political. George Floyd is nothing but a convenient happenstance to spark, justify and glorify their criminality and agenda.

Someone said, "once the rioting started, they've lost the argument". They never had an argument. They had matches, bats, antifa. But most importantly, they had an agenda of leftist goals of power & control by violent intimidation. An Obama-conditioned hatred. Nothing more.

The most abused ethnic group through centuries and in every country by every government has been the Jews. Governments used law enforcement and laws to keep Jews as third class citizens for centuries. When was that last time you saw Jews in masks on the streets of any city with matches setting police cars on fire? And how long would that have been tolerated?

Did Jews sack American businesses when black criminals decided to burn down a Jewish school, went on a rampage in the Jewish community and killed innocents in a Jewish supermarket, just a few months ago in Jersey?

Did Jews riot in the streets when a black man ripped into a Jewish Hanukkah celebration and killed innocent people in Monsey, New York?900 Violent hate crimes have been reported in 2018 (most recent year of stats) against Jews in the US, highest number on record and highest number of hate crime against any ethnic group. Where is the looting? Where are the protests? Where is the angry antifa mob in defense of the Jews?

Shouldn't Jews be rioting after 400 years of their slavery, which was then followed by murder, rape, raids, exiles, pogroms, exclusions from everything, and incessant criminalization in every part of the globe?

Shouldn't they have gone on the March of Violence when American laws prohibited them from entering all educational facilities and earning a living from professional endeavours?

Shouldn't they have burned down a few banks and government buildings when cross-nation country clubs, golf clubs and professional clubs (in oil and gas and engineering industries) prohibited Jews from entry and participation as late as 1978? Where is the carnage ...?

Here is what's really going on here today: accommodation of African American established supremacy in the minority pecking order. An accommodation backed by political agenda of the left. This is the only reason these anarchist riots aren't condemned at the onset. None of this double standard helps any minority groups.

If a Korean or an East Indian group took to the streets because of their beef with law enforcement or any part of society, they'd be dealt with swiftly and punitively. If Japanese Americans took to the streets in violent protest over government internment camps, they'd be condemned and removed. If Native Americans began burning down cities for what was done to them in residential schools by government, they'd be arrested and hauled away.

Since this is done in the name of Black America under the political flag of Black Lives Matter (backed by serious money), it is allowed to grow and flourish. And it is unquestioned and justified in the name of minority disadvantage, when what we are witnessing vividly is actually the abuse of a real advantage resulting from a clearly established minorities' pecking order....all in the name of an innocent man named George Floyd. Disgusting.

Valerie Sobel

May 31, 2020