Enoch Powell Was Absolutely Right with Paul Weston


The English are not subordinate to the non-English because we lost a war. Rather, our subordination is forced upon us by our very own establishment which has taken the side of the non-English because it feels it is the virtuous thing to do, or because it fears the consequences of telling racial/ religious truths. As the native English demographic inexorably declines and the non-English demographic exponentially explodes, this situation will only worsen. Our beholden politicians represent the constituencies of course, which in turn exert a disproportionate political influence due to the mass numbers of tiny constituencies in the cities where the non-English now reside as opposed to the far larger rural constituencies where the English live.

All we have in our defence is to speak the truth about this unprecedented assault on the English, but our freedom of speech is not simply under attack, it has gone. We are told this is not so. We are told it is guaranteed under various laws and acts - which on the face of it is true - but our hate crime laws also mean anyone can take offence to anyone saying more or less anything, providing it is the English saying it, after which the Orwellian, totalitarian hate crime laws can (and are) used to criminalise us. The old adage of free speech being permissible as long as one did not shout fire in a crowded theatre has now been replaced by one which places the emotions (or claimed emotions) of the non-English above free speech itself and above the English people in general.

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