Our Side of the Story: My Autonomy is Not Negotiable, My Country Is Not An 'Opportunity for a Reset', and Why I'm Going to Stand With The Trucker Convoy in Ottawa


As you are probably aware, there is a massive convoy of truckers travelling across our country on route to Ottawa. As it crosses into Manitoba, the Toronto Sun reports that it has already grown to over 50,000 trucks and is already over 70 km long, with countless citizens joining in the journey. Soon it will arrive in our nation's capital. Other convoys from Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes are already arriving. And countless concerned citizens, like myself, will be joining them on Parliament Hill. Together we will brave the cold (and whatever tactics Justin Trudeau tries to throw at us to silence our voices) in order to flood the streets of our capital city with a peaceful law-abiding message of freedom that will not be ignored.

I hope you will join us in Ottawa. And please share this essay with every person you know, especially those who are most afraid of the virus, so that both sides of this story will finally be heard.

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