Our Political Commissars


Here is an image list of politicians and officials playing along with the globalist/communist agenda for 2030. Each and every single one wants lock-downs and those lock-downs kill more people then they help. Some of these "Commissars" are, have been, or want to be staff of the CCP-controlled United Nations. And, many are controlled by globalist individuals and agencies such as George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

For example, the Medical Officer of Health for Toronto, Dr. Eileen de Villa, (middle row, second from right) is a former UN staff member with a degree in psychology. Certainly, this does not qualify her to issue COVID-19 health orders and lockdown Toronto as in the recent case of the Adamson's BBQ protest.

She attended Havergal College then McGill University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and women's studies in 1991.[3] When she graduated, she became an intern at the United Nations, moving to Vienna to work with the UN Industrial Development Organization supporting developing countries.[1] Through that experience, she became interested in international health.[2] - Wikipedia

Wake up Canada!  It's time we removed these politicians and officials from office and charge them with treason and crimes against humanity!

And here is another example: