Official says CBSA being 'muzzled' by Trudeau government


Border guards assigned to keep Canada safe are blowing the whistle on the Trudeau government.

CBSA officials are being "muzzled" and the Trudeau government is not properly enforcing the law, according to a CBSA official who reached out to the Toronto Sun for an exclusive interview.

"This government is making it up as they go along," said the irritated CBSA officer, who asked to remain anonymous because, in his words, "we are muzzled."

"But, I can tell you that the rank and file cadre has had it 'up to here' as with the rest of the growing number of frustrated Canadians out there," he said.

As reported exclusively in the Sun, a CBSA vehicle was parked at the popular illegal border entry along Roxham Rd. in rural Quebec. This raises serious questions about why CBSA is stationed at an unofficial crossing, and why they're not enforcing Canada's immigration laws.

According to a media briefing attended by the Sun last month, it is the RCMP - and not CBSA - who is "responsible for enforcement between official Ports of Entry."

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