Norway’s Government Welcomes the Taliban to Oslo


A couple of generations ago, the forerunners of today's Norwegian officials began permitting mass immigration from the Islamic world. They fully believed that their "new countrymen," recognizing the merits of Norway's culture and values, would rapidly assimilate. That assumption was proven devastatingly wrong - demonstrating that nobody in the Norwegian government had the slightest understanding of Islam. The consequences for Norway - as for most of the other countries of Western Europe, which made the same mistakes - have been disastrous.

And so here we are now, back in a place very much like where were just before the Taliban's Al-Qaeda chums took down the World Trade Center,: treating representatives of what is once again the Emirate of Afghanistan as if they were civilized, and acting as if nothing that happened on or after 9/11 has taught us anything at all about their vile excuse for a religion.

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