#NoHijabDay campaign fights against Sharia propaganda, stands for women who are brutalized for not wearing hijab


Courageous women in the Islamic Republic of Iran are taking off their hijabs as a sign of resistance to the oppressive Sharia regime under which they live, and at least 29 women have been arrested for doing so. Who is standing in solidarity with them? Not the participants in World Hijab Day. No Hijab Day is a needed rejoinder.

A lot of people say it's just a cloth, why are you worrying about a piece of cloth? Obviously, we are not fighting about a piece of fabric. We are fighting about the mindset behind people wearing a piece of fabric. If it is just a piece of fabric, why are people being killed for not wearing it? Because it's a tool of modesty culture, it's a tool of subjugation, it dehumanizes her, it turns her into just another Muslim- looking thing where you can't have an individual thought or individual action.

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