No offence Dr. Tam, but Canadians need a second opinion


Is anyone double-checking Dr. Tam's work? Is anyone in a position of power pushing back? Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking a second opinion, like most people would after being given such a harsh diagnosis?

It's pretty common to seek a second opinion whenever a doctor delivers some really bad news. Maybe that's what Canadians need to do after Dr. Theresa Tam has prescribed the nation strict social distancing measures that will continue through the summer and perhaps even go into the beginning of the fall.

You know what that means: No sports. No patio season. No family camping trips. Kiss the summer of 2020 goodbye, Canada.

Not just that, though. It also means the continued forced closure of the economy for months to come. On Thursday, Statistics Canada reported that 1,011,000 jobs were lost in Canada in March. Another 2 million people were technically still employed but saw their work hours drastically reduced.

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