New Zealand Mosque Attack: Egypt’s Grand Imam Schools the West on Terror Equality


For Muslim expansion, the tragic event has brought some hope. Muslims are embraced. Their Friday worship will now be welcomed in the open air to be heard even by those who currently hold no real interest in Islam. Also, as a result of the horrible tragedy, New Zealand will now allow outdoor speakers for the Islamic call to prayer. Consequences such as these will advance the grand imam's and the Vatican's "Ark of Brotherhood" interfaith pact to spread togetherness throughout the West. Their agreement was signed earlier this year in Abu Dhabi.

Today, in Western Europe, immigration has become an Islamic invasion with the blessing of the European Union and leftist ideology. With the increase of Islamic populations in the West, we started to see streets blocked for Friday's prayers, noise pollution from mosque mega-speakers, no-go zones forbidding non-Muslim populations from entering, private Muslim police and Sharia courts.

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