New TV Shows Want You to Relax and Stop Worrying About Jihad


Your moral superiors know you need it, and so you shall have it: the celebrated cannibal Reza Aslan, says LA Weekly, is "an E.P. on a new Chuck Lorre CBS comedy called The United States of Al, which aims to 'de-exotify' a Muslim character for a mainstream audience." Meanwhile, in Australia (for now): Australia's ABC iView has unveiled what it proudly calls the "World's First Hijabi Comedy Series," Halal Gurls.

Aslan has wanted to do this for a long time. "I'm waiting for a Muslim 'All in the Family,'" he said in 2016. "Muslims are never going to feel like a part of the American family until people start to make fun of them on TV. That's how minds have always been changed in this country." Really? After all, we all know how much Muslims love being made fun of. And can Reza Aslan give us a single other example of a group that started "to feel like a part of the American family" when people started "to make fun of them on TV"?

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